Ingenious Ways to Get Rid of Lizards from Your Home

Lizards can be pesky intruders in our homes, but there are several clever hacks you can employ to evict them effectively. While they offer some benefits by reducing insect populations, having these uninvited guests can be a nuisance. In this article, we’ll explore a range of ingenious ways to get rid of lizards from your home permanently.

Ingenious Ways to Get Rid of Lizards from Your Home - iTervis
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Section 1: Brighten Up Your Space

Lizards are predominantly nocturnal creatures, and they are often drawn to well-lit areas at night. You can use this knowledge to your advantage by keeping your home well-illuminated during evening hours. Install energy-efficient LED lights near entry points, such as doors and windows. This strategy can make your home less appealing to lizards, as they prefer darkness.

Section 2: Harness the Power of Sound

Lizards have sensitive hearing, and certain sounds can be unsettling to them. Consider playing soft music in your home or use ultrasonic pest repellent devices designed to deter lizards. These devices emit high-frequency sound waves that are uncomfortable for lizards and can encourage them to seek refuge elsewhere.

Section 3: Citrus Freshness

Lizards have a strong aversion to the scent of citrus fruits. You can create a natural lizard repellent by mixing citrus essential oils with water. Spray this fragrant mixture around entry points and in areas frequented by lizards. The invigorating citrus aroma will discourage them from venturing inside.

Section 4: Keep Plants at Bay

Lizards often seek refuge in potted plants or gardens near your home. To deter them, relocate potted plants away from doors and windows. You can also sprinkle coffee grounds or cayenne pepper on the soil of potted plants, as these substances are known to repel lizards effectively.

Section 5: Sticky Solutions

Take advantage of lizards’ sensitivity to touch by using double-sided tape. Place strips of tape near entry points and common lizard hiding spots. Lizards dislike the feeling of sticky surfaces on their feet, and this can be an effective way to restrict their movement in your home.

Section 6: DIY Lizard Traps

Craft your own lizard traps using empty plastic bottles. Cut off the top portion of a plastic bottle and invert it to create a funnel leading into the bottle. Place a bait, such as a small piece of fruit or an insect, inside the bottle. Lizards will enter the trap but struggle to find their way out. Release captured lizards safely outside your home.

Conclusion: With these “Ingenious Ways to Get Rid of Lizards” and natural remedies, you can bid farewell to lizards and create a lizard-free environment in your home. Implement these methods, and soon you’ll reclaim your space from these unwanted guests.

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