The Top 8 Must-Have Medical Apps for Doctors, Patients, and Medical Students

In today’s digital age, medical apps have revolutionized the way healthcare professionals, patients, and medical students access information and manage their healthcare needs. With thousands of medical apps available, it can be overwhelming to find the most useful ones. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the must have medical apps for doctors for both iOS and Android users, catering to doctors, patients, and medical students. These apps offer a range of features, from drug information to medical literature, making them indispensable tools in the medical field.

The Top 8 Must-Have Medical Apps for Doctors, Patients, and Medical Students - iTervis
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  1. Epocrates – The Ultimate Medical Reference
    • Available on iOS and Android, Epocrates boasts over 1 million downloads worldwide, with half of its users being U.S.-based physicians.
    • Key Features: Drug information, interactions, safety data, provider referrals, treatment recommendations, BMI and GFR calculators, and access to medical news and research.
    • Pricing: Free with optional in-app purchases like alternative medications, lab guides, and disease information. Epocrates Essentials subscription available for $159.99/year.
  2. Read by QxMD – Your Medical Literature Hub
    • This app, compatible with both iOS and Android, centralizes medical literature and journals.
    • Use: Access articles, journals, and studies from various sources, including open-access journals and linked institutions.
    • Pricing: Free to download with some content requiring institutional or individual subscriptions.
  3. UpToDate – Your Mobile Medical Reference
    • Available on both iOS and Android, UpToDate is a reliable reference tool equipped with evidence-based recommendations, mobile-optimized calculators, and a CME tracker.
    • Use: Ideal for medical professionals and students, it keeps users informed about medical advancements and news, answering clinical questions in real time.
    • Pricing: Free to download with in-app subscriptions starting at $499/year for individual physicians.
  4. Medscape – Comprehensive Medical Resource
    • Developed by WebMD, Medscape is a top-rated medical app for doctors, nurses, students, and healthcare professionals, available on both iOS and Android.
    • Use: Provides information on drugs, diseases, medical news, calculators, and educational courses.
    • Pricing: Completely free to download and use, with a simple signup process.
  5. Virtual Practice For Doctors – Connecting with Patients
    • This mobile-based EMR app, compatible with iOS and Android, facilitates remote patient communication, including video chat and answering patient questions.
    • Pricing: Free to download with premium features available, such as a patient portal and custom domain.
  6. DynaMed Mobile – Your Point-of-Care Companion
    • DynaMed Mobile brings the powerful DynaMed reference database to your iOS and Android devices.
    • Use: Access point-of-care references, disease and symptom references, and summaries of over 3500 medical topics.
    • Pricing: Free to download with a DynaMed subscription starting at $395/year for individual physicians.
  7. Doximity – The Social Network for Medical Professionals
    • Doximity is the largest social network app for medical professionals, connecting doctors worldwide on both Android and iOS devices.
    • Use: Find and communicate with other doctors securely, send HIPAA-secure faxes, and stay updated on specialty news and trends.
    • Pricing: Free to download and signup, available on both mobile and web platforms.

Conclusion: In the ever-evolving world of medicine, these top 8 medical apps cater to the diverse needs of doctors, patients, and medical students. Whether you seek drug information, medical literature, patient communication tools, or a medical social network, these apps offer invaluable resources at your fingertips. Stay connected and informed in the medical field with these must-have apps. If you have any favorite medical apps not mentioned here, feel free to share them in the comments for consideration in our future updates.

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